My name is Mariano Cardona

And I was born and raised in the beautiful city of New York.

Ive been passionate about fitness since I got involved in it back in 2007. Around that time, I became obsessed about self improvement, about learning, and just making my mind and body stronger. Fast forward to 2013, I decided to pursue Personal Training for several reasons, one of them being that it’s a field that requires putting together various fields of interest from the sciences to psychology in order to better understand how to improve human performance. Overtime, some of the initial purposes behind pursing this craft changed, where as it is still important to continue educating oneself on the sciences, I became more interested in understanding simply how to help people make the changes they want to see in their health and body.

Throughout my years, I have learned A LOT about exercise and training. Especially when it comes to food, nutrition, rest, recovery, and what works to see improvement. As someone overcoming various obstacles himself, including some injuries, I’ve come to understand firsthand what’s required to move forward despite setbacks.

Basically, Ive got some experience here. I can help

Let’s build something together.

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