Ju Jitsu is an amazing sport/martial arts and I’ll save all the reasoning for it in another post. What I believe happened to me was, on top of the accumulating stress that I was placing on my back with resistance training (due to faulty mechanics), I was now contributing to that stress with an activity that applied an immense load of shear and compressive force on the back.

When you’re rolling with a partner, there can be so much bending and twisting of the abdominal region. There can also be a lot of intra-abdominal compressive force being generated in flexed positions; especially as you resist your opponents maneuvers on you. There is no doubt in my mind that a lot of people who practice Ju Jitsu will end up with back and hip issues issues (but that also goes for almost any other sport). That is if they don’t come across the right tools to ensure that they don’t end up with injuries and there are undoubtedly many tool and exercises to prevent this from happening.

But what happened to me was, on a beautiful sunny summer day, I was killing it at the park doing an outdoor workout. Shortly after, I went to my Ju Jitsu academy and rolled with some good people. Sometime later that evening, I went for a run. I swear, it was the perfect day. I felt like the man. It was so sweet.

That is, until I woke up the next day with chronic back pain like Ive never felt before. Literally, Ive never felt that before. It was terrible. I didn’t even know what happened to me. What I remember doing upon waking up and feeling this pain is taking a few steps forward to sit down on a chair and asking myself “What the fuck did I do?”. The type of pain I felt lasted for 2 whole weeks. I felt tightness and rigidness on my lower back and hips and I knew there was no way that I could workout. I was a very sad young man.

The details of my recovery will be shared in later post. But to conclude this series, Ive narrowed down my injury to some kind of disc bulge in some region of the lumbar spine. Most likely from excessive flexion. And most definitely from not taking the proper precautions to ensure that something like that would not happen to me. My symptoms throughout the following years made me very flexion intolerant and sensitive to load and compressive forces. I would begin to develop a radiating pain along the spine, as well as acute pain in specific regions. These issues would also travel down to my sacroiliac joint, exposing me to other tools I would have to develop. It took a bit of searching over the years to find various components and pieces to the puzzle that would ultimately put me back into a position where I can broaden what I’m capable of doing pain free. Some time and searching and I am much better for it, thankfully.

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