When I think back, I believe there are several factors that caused my back injury. I’ll start with two general reasons; there’s accumulated stress that is acquired over time and then there’s the traumatic event that’s more like the straw that broke the camels back. Ill start with…

I was (and still am very much so) a nut for fitness. When it came to working out prior to my injury, I was all work ethic and no smarts. Rather, I was ignorant to the potential risks of not being conditioned properly and yet striving to fire on all cylinders. Or maybe more like not fully aware of what I was not properly conditioned for or well adapted to do. But that’s o.k because that’s what experience is for; to expose you to the things that you don’t know you don’t know.

But in my case more specifically, the accumulated stress came from exposing my spine to excessive shear stress and compressive force via heavily loaded movement patterns. And that happened because, in a nutshell, I was jumping the gun (like most young folks do). I didn’t take the time to refine the mechanics of various movement patterns. I didn’t prioritize correcting any musculoskeletal deficiencies. I didn’t work to develop sufficient intra-abdominal function. And I didn’t take the time to develop dynamic stabilization (and mobilization) of the hips. The mechanics of my breathing sucked which is intrinsically related to posture, form, and anatomical/physiological stress. And not to mention, my rest and recovery methods also sucked. I mean honestly, there is so much more to it then I can simply explain here, but that’s the point on this blog; to further explain the subtleties I’ve come across.

Basically, I lacked a lot of the knowledge, tools and experience to understand, on a much deeper level, the implications of such needs. But like I said, that’s what experience is for. And at least in my case, when you’ve gotten a taste for fire, there is no greater motivation than to learn how to play with it; especially if you’ve gotten burned. But anyway, All of this over a period of years put a strain on my spine and sacroiliac joint that eventually gave in back in 2015 when I got into Ju Jitsu.


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