I believe that exercising, movement, and physicality, are opportunities to tap into the body, as-well as the mind. I believe that the broad spectrum of what exercise is and can be, is an opportunity to build familiarity, unity and synchronicity with the whole self; the body and mind. There’s a saying, childhood is for preparation as adulthood is for recreation. The words re-create are in recreation. I believe that is exactly what we are doing every time we decide to pick up some sort of physical practice that requires us to be present for it.


I hurt my back a couple of years ago due to the narrow scope I had on the broad spectrum of physicality (or exercising). Especially if you don’t know what you’re doing, An injury is bound to happen if you think that going hard is all there is to improving human performance. And this injury taught me a very powerful lesson. One of them being, that I needed to slow the fuck down. Another one being, that I needed to accept that I was indeed injured and that it was not getting better.

So, having to accept that I was injured, and needing to slow down in order to figure this thing out, was agonizing for me. Especially because I was really ambitious in making myself as physically competent as possible. It took me a year and half to accept that what I was doing was not working for me anymore and that I needed to change my approach to this exercise thing. Especially if I ever wanted to get back to performing and practicing those physical skills that I love the most…

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