I don’t enjoy waking up too sore or drained of energy from my workouts. To me, it doesn’t make any sense to workout only to feel beat up and drained of energy the following days. Waking up too sapped of energy from the previous workout can even have a cognitive effect on you, making you a little mentally sluggish (and maybe irritable).
If you wake up with these side effects, to the point where it effects your ability to perform everyday life demands, it could be due to several reasons;

  1. lack of adequate (and quality) sleep
  2. lack of adequate nutrition within the appropriate time (You should eat quality foods every 3-4hrs)
  3. overdoing it at the gym

Ideally, you have 1 & 2 checked off. If not, consider ways to improve your sleep quality and ensure you receive adequate food/nutrients to recover the body (Ill talk more about this in later post). But also, not overdoing it at the gym is probably an equally smart way to go. If you’re waking up too sore to function, tone it down a bit. Exercise sessions should be made to enhance energy, not sap it. Building up familiarity, experience, and the needs of the body on a daily, and on a moment to moment bases, is what ultimately helps in making the best decisions in this process.

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