I think rest and recovery is overlooked a lot. If you’re someone like me who enjoys exercising and seeking results, then having some kind of strategy for recovering is just as important as the workout itself.

Exercise dosage and nutrition play a major role in ensuring that you don’t wake up too sore and sapped of energy the next day, But I want to keep this post strictly about some of the recovery practices that I use in order to get my body ready for the next workout.

Strategies I use that help me recover;

  • Utilizing some postural breathing exercises that bring the body into better alignment but also assist in reducing stress ( I do some of this pre, mid, and post exercise)
  • Eating the right kinds of foods/nutrients every 3-4 hrs ( very important)
  • Establishing a sleep routine ( I try my best to be in bed by 11. I’d prefer 10pm but that can be hard at times.)
  • Using black out curtains to make sure no light enters my room at night.
  • Drinking some kind of tea that reduces stress at night. Currently I enjoy tea with Kava in it.
  • Not being on the phone passed a certain time ( This is really messing us up and I also need to be better about it )
  • Using a collagen protein powder at morning and night to assist in tissue recovery (I put this in my tea).
  • And of course, making sure you actually get sleep. You know the science says some thing like 7-9hrs, but I think it differs for different people depending on several factors.

I don’t think I’m saying anything groundbreaking, but the point I’m trying to bring across is, this rest and recovery stuff cant be overlooked. And I think it’s important to seek and adopt practices and strategies that aid in this process. My experience so far is that it boils down to routine. It might sound funny to say, but as adults, it becomes really beneficial to have a consistent bed time routine that prepare you for the next day. We also need to know when its time to feed ourselves, and when our body is asking for real food and nutrients, but that’s for another conversation.

Leave a comment if you want to share any tips that work for you.

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