When you pursue eating well, what starts to happen is that you gain an increase in energy levels. And a lot of that has to do with, hopefully, the fact that you’re increasing nutrient quality in your food. And also, the fact that your increase in nutrient quality by way of food choices allows for your body to better absorb and metabolize these nutrients more effectively. With that improvement in ‘energy absorption’, there is an increase in energy levels. Ultimately, aside from the physical benefits of pursuing quality food, what you will begin to experience is an improved capacity to tolerate stress and regulate emotions.

Regulating emotions requires energy. It also requires providing your body with the material it needs to restructure itself in order to work better. Your body is constantly restructuring itself, so it needs quality material in order to adapt effectively to the current demands of life.

I’m telling you from experience, if you want to improve your relationship with yourself and with others, a lot of that requires an ability to regulate emotions. And I know from experience, that what you put in your body, and what you don’t put in, plays a major role in your levels of irritability and anxiety. And also how you manage it. A positive and stable relationship with others, and with yourself, requires an ability to manage stable emotions. And a lot of that has to do with the body getting what it needs to manage and uphold itself properly. If you want to be better to your spouse, your children, family and friends, Continue seeking out ways to eat better. And continue learning more about what you might be putting inside your body that’s harmful to you. A lot of times, were not even aware that we could be consuming something that’s actually harming us.

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